Can Positive Affirmations Be a Tool in the Application of the Commandments Prohibition?

This question may look complicated but it is really simple.

For example, while there is the commandment to not take the “Lord’s name in vain,” was the positive affirmation part of the Ten Commandment’s scheme. When you are told “God Bless You” from someone, how does that make you feel about life? When you offer a “God Bless You” to someone else, how does that make you feel? How does the recipient feel? Wishing good well on others can be a positive in the world. It can be uplifting.

Likewise, with respect to the Commandment prohibiting adultery, should married couples take the prohibition in a positive fashion and work on steps to improve or maintain a great and loving relationship?

This Project wishes to explore how and whether positive affirmation and positive action should be taken upon within the construct of following the Ten Commandments.

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