Can The Ten Commandments Change You?

we stand at this moment in time. we have had life experience. our minds has been developed by this experience. our minds have been shaped by our biological development. our minds have been altered permanently or temporarily by outside agents such as drugs.

can we change our conduct? are we stuck in a moral holding pattern? do outside forces impact our decisions?

for many, they live surrounded by immoral actors. these immoral actors generate immoral acts that can be seen in everyday life. they participate in idolatry, in this instance, the placing of certain individuals to a god-like status, they witness the wielding of god’s name in vain, they witness lies, they witness theft, they witness murder and they witness jealously of others. they witness players who do not stop to sanctify or respect a day of the week as the sabbath.

how can we change ourselves when we need to protect ourselves from others? why change when others will not?

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