Even if You are Not Religious: What Does One God Mean to You?

believing in god is one of humanity’s great challenges. each individual travels through life experiencing all that life offers. most people experience the full range of emotions. happiness, joy, sadness, fear, anxiety, boredom. during their journey through life, there are experiences which may make them a believer in god. there are others which cause them to have doubt. during different times of one’s life, there can be belief in god. in other times, there can be doubt. for many, there is a flux.

for some, they may experience a life altering event which may affirm existence or non-existence of god.

whether or not an individual has doubt, the concept of an eternal god will exist outside of the individual. they exist in societies in which the concept exists.

one god means one creator. one creator means we are all created from the same creator. we are all children from the same origin. we are all brothers and sisters in this world. it implies that we as humans, share a relationship with each of. a bond.

for an individual, there is also the benefit of having one god. one god means we know who to communicate to when we seek a higher authority. one god allows those who believe to contact the creator of the universe and the most powerful force of the universe for advice, guidance and strength. most importantly, we all have the opportunity to do so. it is not exclusive to any one person or one group. everyone is welcome. when you think about it, it is a wonderful notion that all of us have the opportunity have a “hot line” to speak to the creator. further, it is this same creator who has issued guidance so we can act in a moral way towards each other.

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