First Blog: Thou shalt have no other gods before me

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Nothing Happens In Isolation- A Nashville Speculation: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in nashville, a 28-year-old returned to their elementary school and committed murderous acts. it is reported that a number of individuals who knew the 28 year old commented essentially that they were in disbelief that the individual could have done should an act. years ago, in one of my little read posts, i discussed…

Identity Role Play Welcome: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

this is the bread of affliction that our ancestors ate in the land of egypt. whoever is hungry, come eat with us! whoever is needy, come join our seder! this year we’re here; next year in the land of israel! this year we’re slaves; next year we will be free. haggadah recently, fictitious identity stories…

Thou Shalt Not Covet Your Victims: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in houston, a horrific crime occurred. a robber, not satisfied with stealing money, picked up and slammed his victim to the concrete. the victim, a vietnamese woman sustained a severe spinal injury necessitating medical attention. a gofundme page was set up for this woman and the campaign succeeded the estimated goal. the alleged perpetrator was…

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