Instruction Manual Required: The Complexity of the Ten Commandments and How to Make Them Work

as you dig deeper into the ten commandments, one of the questions that should be raised is “how do we follow these rules?” to do so, we can look towards further clarification of these rules. in doing so, additional rules will be generated in order to follow the initial ten.

these additional rules, however, place us back in the same predicament.” how do we follow these rules?”

the issue i wish to present is the notion of “tools versus rules.” over my lifetime, i have learned many things that have helped me understand and follow the ten commandments. these are tools. tools can stimulate our minds to better understand the rules. tools can help us better accept the rule and grow appreciation towards it. in sum, in order for the ten commandments to work in a society, there needs to be both the “rules” and the “tools.”

this blog will contain further discussion concerning “tools.”

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