Should It be the “Ten Habits”?

we all like to make rules and regulations. the perfect example is new year’s resolutions. they are easy to make and are rarely followed. how do we transform rules and regulations into consistent positive action? make it a “habit!”

per merriam-webster, a habit is a “a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior.” an alternative definition is “a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance.”

the use of the term “habit” implies the following to the rules as opposed to the mere existence of the rules. in order to the ten commandments to be meaningful in a society, individuals must practice the ten commandments and make them part of their daily life. making them a daily life activity can be simple. for example, calling up one’s parents to see how they are doing is in accord with the commandments. for those who have no surviving parents, being kind and engaging to an elder is in the same accord and spirit.

once an individual makes the ten commandments a daily “habit,” it will become both effortless and impactful.

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