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The Greatest Form of a Commandment

This Commandment perhaps my favorite in terms of form. “Honor thy mother and father” is open-ended. It allows for Humanity to employ creativity in terms of how to best accomplish this commandment. Further, it is a favorite in that it is a commandment to act in a positive manner. Again, as Commandments go, there is the three-fold

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The Origins of Ideology? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

ms. jennifer bilek, journalist, in an interview linked below, discusses the origins of ideology, narratives and agendas on a particular subject. she noted how a belief system can be generated top down by powerful and wealthy people. she asserted how these individuals can bring an ideology to the general population. she contrasted it to individuals…

Shut Up, Let’s Eat: Passover 2023: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

holiday family gatherings often have moments of political fodder or social commentary. eruptions of political discourse can be as unappetizing as atomic “marror” aka bitter herbs. in the spirit of “shut up, let’s eat” philosophy of avoiding diatribes that will never result in consensus and dampen festivities, i make this post as to what topics…

Identity Role Play Welcome: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

this is the bread of affliction that our ancestors ate in the land of egypt. whoever is hungry, come eat with us! whoever is needy, come join our seder! this year we’re here; next year in the land of israel! this year we’re slaves; next year we will be free. haggadah recently, fictitious identity stories…


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