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The Greatest Form of a Commandment

This Commandment perhaps my favorite in terms of form. “Honor thy mother and father” is open-ended. It allows for Humanity to employ creativity in terms of how to best accomplish this commandment. Further, it is a favorite in that it is a commandment to act in a positive manner. Again, as Commandments go, there is the three-fold

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Be Kind, Rewind: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

did the dvd contribute to civility’s demise? pre-dvd, vhs was the popular video format. the analog format consisted of cassette tapes. these vhs cassettes offered post-theater release movies to consumers for home viewing. due to the cassettes high prices, they became popular as rentals. video rental stores, such as blockbuster, popped up all over theContinue reading “Be Kind, Rewind: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Was Old News Good News? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

before the internet and social media became primary new sources, journalism was quite different. absent the current instantaneous immediacy and the sheer value of clicks, periodicals were driven to produce quality reporting. journalists had more time to invest in their product. in these earlier times, journalists were often not the story originators. they would purveyContinue reading “Was Old News Good News? A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Can A Photo Lie Yet Tell The Truth? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

while a picture can tell a thousand words, an altered photograph can tell much more. it can reveal character, values and the truth. time’s 100 most influential people magazine cover of prince harry and meghan markle has been roasted as satire. numerous media outlets have pointed out the picture’s phony aspects. the cover revealsContinue reading “Can A Photo Lie Yet Tell The Truth? A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Reason, Permanence & Housing: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

These people and their f**king tree houses andrew cumo long before he governed of the state of new york, was bestowed an emmy, obtained a big dollar book deal and inspired a unique sexual orientation, the infamous, then candidate for attorney general, andrew cuomo made a profound observation. his comment was in reference to aContinue reading “Reason, Permanence & Housing: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”


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