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Readers, Thank You: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

when i logged in, my red wordpress bell was on. i clicked and was congratulated for the blog surpassing 200 subscribers. with this, i thank you, the readers. in high school i fantasized of being a writer ala cameron crowe, my career path, however, took went down a different rabbit hole. with law school, my…

Pitching Greatness: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax Walter Sobchak los angeles dodger’s pitching great clayton kershaw’s career has always been in the shadow of a a greater than life legend. his hall of fame career will always be compared to another dodger hall of fame southpaw, sandy koufax. sandy koufax’s phoenix-like…

Keith Haring & The Ten Commandments: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

modern artist keith haring took the challenge of many of the greats. the likes of michaelangelo and chagall employed the bible to create inspiring masterpieces. mr. haring chose the ten commandments as his biblical topic. per the keith haring foundation, “the ten commandments were painted on the occasion of haring’s first one-person museum show at…


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