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Is There An Effort Gap?

we decry gaps. educational gaps, equity gaps, medical gaps, racial gaps, wealth gaps, trade gaps, etc. we rarely decry about the “effort gap.” effort gaps are often discussed in the sports’ world. scoreboards sometime evidence this diminished effort. individual’s personal worlds do not have scoreboard to judge effort. effort indicators such as school grades, testContinue reading “Is There An Effort Gap?”

Enlightenment vs. En[light]enment: Buddha vs. Moses

siddhattha gotama’s life journey of discovery led him to a profound moment: a name was announced. moses’ life journey of discovery also led him to a moment in which a name was announced. for siddhattha gotama, the name was “buddha.” he took on and became the “buddha.” buddha, in translation, can mean the “enlightened one”Continue reading “Enlightenment vs. En[light]enment: Buddha vs. Moses”

Harriet Tubman, Max Freed, and Power of Impacting Generations to Come

harriet tubman is a legend. as part of the underground railroad, she navigated slaves to freedom. she is the “moses of her people.” a book published about her in 1886, by ms. sarah bradford, was also with that title. ms. tubman is credited for doing 13 missions in which she saved 70 lives. wikipedia. today,Continue reading “Harriet Tubman, Max Freed, and Power of Impacting Generations to Come”

Cultural Appropriation and Loving It: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a levant religion, a spanish poem, and an african melody, what could go wrong? nothing. the ten commandments dictated the observance of the sabbath. practitioners of judaism, for a variety of reasons, left israel and established communities throughout the world. at one point, there was a significant spanish jewish community. in the 16th century spain,Continue reading “Cultural Appropriation and Loving It: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”


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