We Are All Moses

this blog will explore moses. moses’ life experiences are integral to the story of the ten commandments. while the content of the ten commandments is, for the most extent, independent of moses’ life, his life provides a context to the ten commandments. historically, he is regarded in multiple roles. he is considered as a leader, a teacher, and a prophet.

moses is arguably the most unique figure in history. he had so many things happen to him. we all share experiences similar to his. he confronted many of life’s challenges.

he was a child of slaves. he was born subject to a death sentence. he was adopted. while his family was most likely poor, he was raised as part of the wealthy elite in the country. while he had a mother and a father, he was also raised as well by a single mother. while he grew up in a palace with riches, he knew he was an outsider who didn’t belong. while he had a disability which impacted his ability to communicate, he desired to express his concerns with respect to societal conduct. when he saw injustice, he was ill trained to deal with it and it resulted in the commission of a murder. while he was interested in the betterment of his fellow hebrews’ behavior, he was rebuked by them in part due to his lack of standing and qualification. while he was aware of his criminal guilt, he fled to avoid capture. he was the ultimate outsider.

all of this was only the beginning of his journey….

this blog will discuss moses’ life as well as the ten commandments.

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