What We Say About Others Tells Us About Ourselves: the 2nd Commandment

using god’s name in some context is telling of the person evoking it. one can express in god’s name in terms of curse or damnation and one can express in terms of blessing and praise. what we, as individuals, utilize is of import. further, we respect to these expressions, we should consider that in life, there are small things of import and big things.

when using god’s name, essentially you are wishing to summon the most powerful force of the universe to do your bidding. to express damnation over things of minor import tells us about the person. they are willing to either waste a powerful resource or have extreme hatred concerning the small things or the world.

one message of this commandment is that we should about what we do and how we act. we are in essence a reflection of god and he wishes that his representation be something of import and not for petty matters.

in our personal life, we do not like when other individuals make improper representations about ourselves and we are perhaps taken out of context. the same appears to be true for the creator.

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