You Don’t Have to Be Religious to Embrace the Values of the Ten Commandments

For those who are not religious, I ask you to read this analysis. At the time the Ten Commandments were provided to the Jewish People at Mt. Sinai, what was their Society? They were foreigners in a foreign land. They were subject to racist policies which included infanticide. They were forced to perform slave labor. They lived in a Society where everything was provided for them. They lived in a Society where they were not trained to be self-sufficient. They lived in a Society where they were poor. They lived in at a time in history where supernatural forces freed them from their bonds they themselves did not personally win their freedom but it was handed it to them. They lived with an insecurity of their future for food and necessities. They lived in a Society surrounded by dominant believes which they embraced retain rather than remain true to their own. They were complainers, moaners and winers. They were “stiff necked” people. They were provided wealth which was not theirs and squandered it. They lacked the discipline to follow.

Do these theme sound familiar? Many of these themes are plague our Society. The Ten Commandments was a set of rules and values saved these most difficult people. The Ten Commandments helped turn them into productive and moral people. These rules have been followed for thousands of years and have led to successful societies. Revisiting and applying the Ten Commandments is essential. Even if you are not religious, you can see that they are helpful in a secular society.


We wish to be a positive force to make this a better Society in which “acts of goodness” take place more than “acts of destruction.” We are about acts of “micro goodness” and acts of “macro goodness.” Being positive will benefit both Society and Ourselves as Individuals

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