The Ten Commandments Project

this website is designed to promote discussion and positive change. pardon our dust and kinks. just getting started.

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since the launch of this website, we have drawn international interest.

so we say 欢迎, welcome, bienvenue, kóyo, welkom, أ, هلاस्वागतम्, binevenit, fáilte, स्वागत हे, g’day, ласкаво просимо, kamusta, herzlich willkommen, tervetuloa, nau mai, 여보세요, selamat datang, γεια σας, merhaba, buna ziua, cześć, hola, yɛma wo akwaaba, Добро пожаловать, witamy, স্বাগত mauya, benvenuto, Ahoj, Olá, こんにちは. Halló, Sawubona, እንኳን ደህና መጣህ, स्वागत छ, Wamkelekile & שָׁלוֹם!

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goal: the ultimate goal is to produce and promote educational materials relating to the ten commandments for all strata of society. from elementary school, jr. high school, high school, college, the workforce, and those outside of the workforce. our motto, “leave no generation behind.”