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The Ten Commandments Project

thousands of years ago, humanity was provided the tools to have societies that were just, decent and good. one of there tools was the ten commandments.

the ten commandments have been lost or forgotten within mainstream society. the legal notions of separation of church and state has gravely impacted our society. while religious in nature, the ten commandments are a foundational document for the united states. further, the ten commandments provided a basis for societal reform. this project is to bring back what has been lost. a true appreciation and awareness of the ten commandments within the society. without the ten commandments playing a role, our country is doomed. the ten commandments provides for the basis for freedom from slavery, individual rights, property rights, and property rights.

About The Author

biblelifestudies was born and raised in los angeles, california. he had been there for every earthquake, fire, and riot. he is a witness to five decades of decline within southern california. he has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years and graduated in the top ten percent of his law school class. he has professionally blogged and is recognized as having one of the top blogs within his legal field. previously, he had been a religious school educator for over 15 years and has had extensive experience in programming for children.

a pseudonym is used for multiple reasons. this website is not about making a name for myself. it is intended to promote others who are trying to make the world a better place. second, using my name would also create unnecessary confusion. there are many people with my same name who are professionals and are on the internet.

Users Guide

the ten commandments project blog is designed to educate and promote. many posts are intended to provide a little knowledge, a little insight and possibly a little conversation. in religious school, there were times when we all sat on the carpet and discussed contemporary issues. hopefully, some of the topics raised within the blog can be used as a starting point for children and adults to discuss topics of morality and values within a ten commandments’ frame work. hopefully, your time reading the blog will make a “positive” impact.

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