the following are ten commandments’ resources and links of interest. this site does not endorse any particular reference


The Oldest Copy of the Ten Commandments: The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Second Oldest Copy of the Ten Commandments: The Nash Papyrus

Chabad Torah Hebrew/English with Rashi Commentary

Rabbi Ze’Ev Greenwald: “Honor Your Father and Your Mother” A Compilation of Stories, Anecdotes, and Halachos on Kibud Horim, Feldheim Publishers

British Library Digitised Transcripts

The Ten Commandments in the London Codex

A Page From Golden Haggadah

The National Library of Israel: Passover Haggadot, download for free: Haggadot with colorful and ornamental illustrations


Part I Lecture on 10 Commandments: Richard Elliott Friedman (Ten Commandments Discussion occurs later in lecture. Start at about 50 minutes into lecture for the Ten Commandments discussion)

Part II Lecture On 10 Commandments: Richard Elliott Friedman (Can Be Watched As Stand Alone)

The Ten Commandments What You Should Know: Dennis Prager

Do Not Commit Adultery: Dennis Prager

I am the Lord Your God: Dennis Prager

Honor Your Mother and Father: Dennis Prager

Do Not Steal: Dennis Prager

Do Not Murder: Dennis Prager

Do Not Bear False Witness: Dennis Prager

Do Not Covet: Dennis Prager

Do Not Misuse God’s Name: Dennis Prager

No Other Gods: Dennis Prager

Remember the Sabbath: Dennis Prager

Ben Shapiro Lecture on the 10 Commandments at Liberty University

Moses: The Top Ten Archeological Discoveries: Digging for the Truth Episode 157


Live Streaming of the Western Wall In Jerusalem

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