the following are ten commandments’ resources and links of interest. this site does not endorse any particular reference


The Oldest Copy of the Ten Commandments: The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Second Oldest Copy of the Ten Commandments: The Nash Papyrus

Chabad Torah Hebrew/English with Rashi Commentary

Rabbi Ze’Ev Greenwald: “Honor Your Father and Your Mother” A Compilation of Stories, Anecdotes, and Halachos on Kibud Horim, Feldheim Publishers

British Library Digitised Transcripts

The Ten Commandments in the London Codex

A Page From Golden Haggadah

The National Library of Israel: Passover Haggadot, download for free: Haggadot with colorful and ornamental illustrations


Part I Lecture on 10 Commandments: Richard Elliott Friedman (Ten Commandments Discussion occurs later in lecture. Start at about 50 minutes into lecture for the Ten Commandments discussion)

Part II Lecture On 10 Commandments: Richard Elliott Friedman (Can Be Watched As Stand Alone)

Lecture On Biblical Hebrew Interpretation of Commandments

The Ten Commandments What You Should Know: Dennis Prager

Do Not Commit Adultery: Dennis Prager

I am the Lord Your God: Dennis Prager

Honor Your Mother and Father: Dennis Prager

Do Not Steal: Dennis Prager

Do Not Murder: Dennis Prager

Do Not Bear False Witness: Dennis Prager

Do Not Covet: Dennis Prager

Do Not Misuse God’s Name: Dennis Prager

No Other Gods: Dennis Prager

Remember the Sabbath: Dennis Prager

Ben Shapiro Lecture on the 10 Commandments at Liberty University

Moses: The Top Ten Archeological Discoveries: Digging for the Truth Episode 157

Lecture On Chinese Haggadah

Learn Biblical Hebrew Series


The Ten Commandments Being Delivered To Moses Per The Movie Classic


Live Streaming of the Western Wall In Jerusalem

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