i spent a part of my life as a long time religious school instructor. i spent my childhood buried in reading bible stories repeatedly. in the process of writing a book concerning the torah up to god freeing the children of israel in egypt from slavery. in doing so, moses, pre-leader, became of interest. upon further review of the torah, he was far different an individual than bible stories related. additionally, god’s challenge to direct humanity in the right direction was of interest. from the onset, the moral failures of adam and eve, and cain, led god on a course to not only create laws but also the need to have a part of humanity to act as a delegate to both follow the laws and be an example to other peoples. a central part of these laws were the ten commandments.

this blog in an attempt to take a fresh and modern look at why the ten commandments should be a central part of our society.

be well!

Published by biblelifestudies

I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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