Acts of Micro-Goodness: What We Are Supposed to Do: The Sabbath Commandment and Acts of Goodness

the sabbath commandment is not merely a commandment to take a day off from working. the commandment is about laboring for six days prior to the sabbath. the significance behind it is the fact that when god created the world, he did so in six days and rested on the seventh. within the days of creation, what god created was deemed as “good.” the totality of the creation was “very good.”

therefore, the sabbath commandment is labor throughout the week which amounts to “good” work.

in our current society, we are all about hostility, bullying, and accusations of microaggression. the days of our week are focused on negativity. it is not focused on productivity.

in accordance with ten commandments, wouldn’t we be a better society with acts of microgoodness? as individuals, shouldn’t we be spending out time uplifting others and seeing to their needs rather than working to tear them down. we can challenge each other to engage in acts of microgoodness throughout the week. it is acknowledged that there is a philosophy that exists that discusses random acts of kindness. while this is commendable, acts of goodness do not have to be random in nature. there is nothing wrong with being deliberate and consistent with one’s good acts. if you are in need of ideas of with respect to acts of goodness, i recommend you check out their website.

there is the saying “one good deed deserves another.” acts of goodness can lead to greater goodness. what do acts of hostility, bullying, accusations or microaggression lead to?

our society is a ship which must be steered towards positivity.

be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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