The Two Most Important Words You Can Teach Your Children

the two most important words that you can teach your children are “thank you.” the understanding of why is of import. therefore, please continue reading.

children are born in to this world incapable of doing anything. they are totally reliant upon others to attend to them. as they grow up, while they may be able to take care of certain things, they are still remain dependent on others.

“thank you” is the term which expresses acknowledgement by an individual of another’s actions. it is important that those acting on behalf of others receive acknowledgement of their actions. if there is a failure to do so, it is possible that these individuals will discouraged from helping others in the future.

as a child, there are selfish and non-selfish reasons for saying “thank you.”

the selfish reason is that if you say “thank you” you will be encouraging those helping you to continue to help you in the future. thus, saying “thank you” is in the child’s best interest.

the non-selfish reason for saying “thank you” is that you don’t want to discourage someone who is helpful from helping others. in each circumstance, paying respect to helpers and their egos is of import. they need and deserve the acknowledgement, the mental “pat on the back.”

this lesson carries on in life. saying “thank you” is a lifelong necessity. it is applicable from cradle to grave.

you can explain to your child that one day you may be in charge of a business, household or organization. while they may be in charge and capable of doing many things for themselves, they will likely rely on others to assist. these others may assist them to be able to accomplish greater things that what they physically may be able to do on their own. thus, they may help them create a business, raise children, or achieve some social or political goal. in these circumstances, it is again important to acknowledge these individuals’ efforts. thus, this is another time in their life when “thank you” should be used. in sum, these is a “thank you” for people who are assisting.

you can then explain to your children that the need for saying “thank you” extends to when they get old. one day, they may become old and infirmed and reliant on others for medical assistance and personal care. in these moments, once again, it is important to acknowledge their provider’s assistance with a “thank you.”

there are those individuals in life who are concerned about walking. they carry around a “pedometer” to keep track of their steps. i, in my mind, have a “thank-you-ometer” to keep track of how many “thank you”s i deliver during the day. i get nervous on days when i am not racking up “thank you” acknowledgements. to me, the failure may be a sign that i am not observing and acknowledging the impact of others on my life. thus, i try to make a point with every interaction to express gratitude when i am being helped or assisted.

finally, expressing “thank you” is special for those who are religious. during the course of the day, it is always good to give a “thank you” to the creator and master of the universe. thus, for believers, a “thank god” is indicated at many times during the day. this “thank you” is in part an acknowledgement of the fact that are grateful for the opportunity to be alive and living in this wonderful world.

be well!!

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