Cultural Appropriation and Loving It: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

a levant religion, a spanish poem, and an african melody, what could go wrong? nothing.

the ten commandments dictated the observance of the sabbath. practitioners of judaism, for a variety of reasons, left israel and established communities throughout the world. at one point, there was a significant spanish jewish community.

in the 16th century spain, shlomo halevi alkabetz, a safed kabbalist, wrote a poem called lecha dodi. wikipedia. in english, the prayer is entitled “come my friend.” over time, lecha dodi entered liturgy began to be performed on the friday night sabbath prayers. throughout the world, one sabbath, lecha dodi is sung.

the poem was sung in different melodies. there are german and polish versions.

in the 20th century, something happened, a ugandan african tribe converted to judaism, the abayudaya. the abayudayan took jewish liturgy and injected their distinct melodies and rhythms. many of these songs have been recorded. their talents have been recognized by a grammy award nomination. wikipedia.

the integration of cultures created something wonderful and refreshing. their melody bringing new joy and spirit to the sabbath.

click here for the song.

be well!!

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