Enlightenment vs. En[light]enment: Buddha vs. Moses

siddhattha gotama’s life journey of discovery led him to a profound moment: a name was announced. moses’ life journey of discovery also led him to a moment in which a name was announced.

for siddhattha gotama, the name was “buddha.” he took on and became the “buddha.” buddha, in translation, can mean the “enlightened one” or “awakened one.” years of searching brought him to his enlightenment moment. in the journey, he was tempted with beautiful women by the demon mara.

moses had en[light]ened moment. the burning bush on mount horeb was his light. their he received a name: god’s name.

the torah documents the interaction: “and moses said to god, “behold i come to the children of israel, and i say to them, ‘the god of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they say to me, ‘what is his name?’ what shall i say to them?” god said to moses, “ehyeh asher ehyeh (I will be what I will be),” and he said, “so shall you say to the children of israel, ‘ehyeh (I will be) has sent me to you.'” exodus 3:13-14. other interpretation of the name is “I am who I am.” biblegateway.com moses received god’s sacred name. it empowered him to do god’s bidding. it was a name representing one eternal god.

moses, like the buddha, struggled with his demons during his enlightenment moment. this demon being his self-doubt arising from both his speech impairment and his failed attempt to resolve conflict.

the buddha’s enlightenment include a self awareness and realization of how the world was inter-related. moses’ en[light]enment was the revelation of one god. the one god who created the universe. the torah’s notion of self awareness and realization points to the one god, who his creation plan. thus, everything in the entire universe being interconnected by via this act of creation.

of interest, as humans, we take both our inner world, our mind, as well outer world. there are issues of having a peaceful mind as well as a peaceful existence.

be well!!

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