Fast Food Moses? A Smashing Event Analyzed: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

recently, video has emerged of a man having a dispute in a fast food restaurant. it appeared he was shorted some “chicken wings” from his order. not getting satisfaction from the workers and apparent management, he proceeded to grab the cash register and smash it to the ground and through it through a window.

before discussing the matter, it is important to note that the individual’s actions were not appropriate. disputes should be handled via the chain of command. it would have appeared that he needed to go to the next level of management or speak to the owner concerning the dispute. if not satisfied, then he could take his dispute into legal system, ie small claims court. a suit over a shorted order of chicken “wings” would most likely be viewed as a joke and a source of ridicule. it, however, would have been a better than what transpired.

with all that aside, was this man fast food moses? from the video, he appeared tall, had the long hair, and threw down the cash register in a way reminiscent of moses smashing the first stone set of the ten commandments. the reason i refer to him as the moses of fast food also has something to do with the news reporting on the matter.

normally, when a crime is reported, such as a murder or a robbery, bystanders often say complimentary statements concerning the victims: ie, they were nice people and they didn’t deserve what happened to them. a broadcast, on this incident, was quite different. individuals interviewed, while professing love of the “wings” and that the man’s actions were wrong, had nothing nice or complementary to say about the store and how the business operated. the comments instead noted that the store had problems properly filling orders.

in the history of the the world, as with the ten commandments, people can experience a “smashing” wake up call. while the man’s actions were wrong, it is important for this fast food store to seriously reflect on the fact that their operations are falling short of being complimentary. it would appear they have problems and are developing a bad reputation. even their own customers acknowledged it and didn’t say anything nice about their operations. while we focus ourselves with ten commandments, this wing store needs to focus on delivering a dozen wings.

in sum, even when you are not at fault for another’s inappropriate action, you should take the opportunity to reflect upon whether the situation as a possible a “wake up” call to improve yourself.

be well!!

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