Ms. Ee Lee’s Life & Tragedy: If You Are a Lives’ Matter Supporter, Did Her Life Matter? Part IV of the Series

ms. ee lee was a vulnerable person in the united states. while she was 37 years old, she had the mental capacity of an 8-year-old. while she was asian, she was from a marginalized asian ethnicity, the hmong. the hmong, unlike other asian ethnicities, are a people without a country.

u.s. societal movements have brought charges against institutions and peoples concerning oppression and mistreatment. these grievances have led to protests and disruption and destruction of areas of cities.

to those who are lives’ matter supporters, i ask you to read the rest of this article and post comment as to whether ms. ee lee’s life mattered. in the past, individuals proclaiming “all lives matter” have been derided. such as statement was considered as a swipe towards blm and meant to diminish the goal of improving african american lives.

did ee lee’s life matter? the violence, sexual assault and murder was at the hands of an accused african american teen. i ask you to read portions of the criminal complaint to decide.


“during the examination numerous injuries consistent with sexual assault were noted. specifically, in addition to the many inquiries EL(ee lee) sustained from having been severely beaten, nurse donovan reported that EL sustained a large (2.6 cm) laceration to her vaginal mucosa (the mucous membrane that lines the vagina cavity) and a contusion (bruising) to her cervix. nurse donovan noted that the laceration was significant and a type of injury not often observed during the course of her many years as a sexual assault nurse examiner. ” complaint


“injuries inflicted on EL during the fatal attack and/or beating as a result of sustaining blunt force trauma to her head, EL suffered from severe traumatic brain injuries as well as numerous other injuries to her person, including: anoxic brain injury (brain starved of oxygen) duret hemorrhage pons (bleeding mid-brain) Left and right subdural hematomas (bleeding that occurs within the skull of head but outside the actual brain tissue) subgaleal hemorrhage (bleeding in the potential space between the skull and the scalp) cerebral contusions to frontal lobes (a form of traumatic brain injury consisting of bruising of the brain tissue) hemorrhage to temporalis muscle (bleeding to temple muscles)
contusions to face (bruises) and abrasions (scratches) to the face contusions (bruises) to left ear and neck contusions (bruises) to lips fractured hyoid bone (hyoid bone is a small u-shaped mobile bone oriented in the horizontal plane just above to the larynx in the neck). blunt force injuries to her torso including a fractured left clavicle (broken collar bone) abrasions to her back and contusions to her buttocks. contusions to her upper and lower extremities including contusions to her forearms and her dorsal hands (back of her hands)” complaint


according to the complaint, ” he walked to the park with defendants kamare lewis and kevin spencer. he stated they all saw this lady on a blanket in the park. he stated they walked up to her to see if she had any money and started harassing her. KG went on to state the defendant lewis started hitting her and that defendant spencer then also started striking and kicking her. he stated that they also picked up sticks and hit her with the sticks and pulled her clothes off her and then proceeded to drag her to the area of the tree where the assault continued.” [emphasis added] complaint


“KG went on to tell investigators that at some point not long after the incident defendant kevin spencer called him and that they were talking about the incident in the park. KG stated that defendant spencer told him that he and defendant lewis continued beating the female victim in the park and that they were “getting her from back and front.” KG stated that defendant spencer told him that the two of them beat the victim and sexually assaulted the victim. defendant spencer stated that he was having penis to
vagina sex with the victim from behind while the victim was performing oral sex (mouth to penis) on defendant lewis. KG stated that defendant spencer admitted that they continued to hit, slap, slam and kick the victim to the point of unconsciousness and that they then dragged or carried her to the area near the pond and left her for dead
.” [emphasis added] complaint


for all those who believe in the lives’ matter movement, now that you have had the time to read this information, what is your opinion? did her life matter?

for those who are supporters of the lives’ matter movement, had the accused in the ms. ee lee’s matter been mistreated by law enforcement during their arrest, would you not protest? would you not raise the names of the martyrs of the movement with respect to their mistreatment? would you not wish to protest?

again, did her life matter?

be well!!

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