Her People’s Return Set Her Free

when members of beta israel returned after thousands of years of exile to their homeland israel, struggles were anticipated. integrating a community which left much behind in due to expedited and dramatic immigration operations remains a challenge. in some of the immigration operations, records were set as to how many passengers could fit into a plane. in that rush, some entered their new modern homeland without any shoes.

individual successes of beta israel members, given their challenges, is inspirational. eden alene is one of many beta israel making inroads into israel society and culture. ms. alene is israeli born and thus a sabra.

this 20-year-old will represent israel in the eurovision 2021 competition with her song “set me free” eurovision is akin to an olympic-like competition for music.

to this date, she has many accomplishments. she is affiliated with a record label, has had numerous recorded songs, performed concerts, competed in singing competitions, and has served in the idf. her entry is eurovision is significant. israel takes the contest seriously. as a result, they have had many successes within it. wikipedia

in israel, female singers and songwriters represent an important part of their culture. yemite sabra, ofra haza, in 1983 finished second in eurovision. she was considered as the israeli madonna. one of her highlights of her career was her version of the naomi shemer’s jerusalem of gold. wikipedia. naomi shemer is arguably israel’s greatest songwriter. she penned the songs “jerusalem of gold”, “al kol aleh”, and “lu yehi.” jerusalem of gold is tantamount to the state’s informal national anthem.

thus, eden alene, in representing her country and having a bright music career, is following the path some of israel’s singing luminaries.

enjoy her song

be well!!

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