Ms. Ee Lee’s Life and Tragedy: Is Facebook a Social Network For Criminals?: Part V of the Series

is facebook a social network of asian haters, child pornographers, rapists, murders, and sadists?

in the ee lee murder case, there have been suggestions that a video distributed via facebook messenger has content which includes all of the aforementioned activities. does facebook have a moral problem with its programming and applications? the criminal complain in the ee lee matter discusses facebook messenger’s role during the crime and post-crime. the alleged video is of concern for every member of society.

in the criminal complaint against the accused in the ee lee murder, the following are portions of interest:

“LJ also admitted to later observing a video that was supposedly recorded on defendant kamare lewis’s cell phone of defendant lewis and defendant kevin spencer kicking and hitting the victim while she lay defenseless on the ground. LJ stated that both defendants were beating the victim but that kevin spencer was the more aggressive of the two subjects.”

“KA admitted he received a facebook messenger video that was recorded by kamare lewis’s cell
phone. KA stated that the video depicted kamare lewis and kevin spencer beating the victim and
laughing. KA admitted to showing the video to JR. he also admitted to deleting the video from his cell phone.

“on January 12, 2021, detective gayle of mcso received a phone call from KA’s mother, JR, stating
that her son (KA) may have a video we would be interested in seeing in his old iPhone. she stated that the video was sent to him via facebook messenger by defendant kamare lewis but was later deleted. she believes that we would be able to recover the video and stated that mcso could pick the cellphone up tomorrow from her son.”

“detective gayle asked JR what she saw on the video on her son’s cell phone. JR stated she saw two boys beating a lady, hitting her in the face and her face was bloody. detective gayle asked if she could see who the boys were. JR stated you could tell who they were. she stated it was the boy “kamare” with the “dreads” and the boy “KJ.” JR identified these known subjects as being identified as defendants kamare lewis and kevin spencer respectively.”

“detective gayle asked if you could see anyone else in the video. JR stated that the two defendants were the only ones hitting the victim, but she stated that it looked like a lot of little kids standing around. detective gayle asked who sent her son the video and she stated the boy “kamare” with the dreads (defendant kamare lewis). detective gayle asked who recorded the video and she stated KA said it was kamare lewis’s phone and someone else had it but he could not or did not identify the person.”

“detective gayle asked when they received the video and she stated about two days after the incident (approximately September 18, 2020). Detective Gayle asked when the video was deleted. JR stated she told her son to get rid of the video because it doesn’t have anything to do with him and told him and to stay away from kamare lewis. detective gayle asked when did her son showed her the video and she stated he didn’t show her right away maybe a couple of weeks after the homicide.”

while the video was deleted by some, it would appear that it still may be recoverable and that facebook could possibly assist in its production. this video could help bring justice to ms. ee lee and to her family. this video can bring justice to the asian community in the united states. this video could assist a fair and proper punishment to those who committed unspeakable acts against a 37 year old asian woman with a mental capacity of an 8 -year-old.

facebook, where are you when it comes to justice for the asian community? mr. zuckerberg, whose wife is chinese, where are you supporting the protection of asians from hate crimes?

in this matter, privacy should not be an issue. the defendant distributed the video to others. third parties have had possession of the video. why isn’t facebook reaching out to law enforcement to assist in this matter? should asian activists be pushing for protections for asians to place pressure on facebook to do the right thing and assist both law enforcement and ee lee’s family in their pursuit of justice?

in sum, facebook needs to decide whether they are to be a social network for criminals or for decent members of society.

be well!!

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