Honoring Your Mother and Father In A Song: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“if I could get another chance another walk, another dance with him i’d play a song that would never ever end”

“dance with my father” luther vandross, richard marx

everyone’s childhood is different. not everyone has an idyllic childhood or parent-child relationship. things happen. mr. luther vandross’ childhood hit a rough spot when, at the age of 8, he lost his father to diabetes. most likely, this event impacted his psyche for the remainder of his life. he took his parent-child pain and co-wrote with mr. richard marx the song “dance with my father.” wikipedia.

“dance with my father” is mr. vandross’ last,and perhaps greatest song. it was released at a time when he had failing health. as a result, he was never able to either promote the song or fully enjoy the accolades its success.

the song expresses the desire to have that one last opportunity to spend time with their parent. this song is a message to all children with aging or ill parents. there still is the opportunity to have contact and intimacy and avoid possible regrets.

while mr. vandross at an eight-year- old most likely could not appreciate the gravity of his father’s illness and his possible mortality, we, as adults, understand our parents’ health and age and can act upon it.

if you need a little inspiration to fulfill the commandment to honor your parents, take a listen to mr. vandross.

be well!!

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