An All Hands On Deck Moment In the Case of the Stolen Hand: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the unconscionable prosthetic hand theft may have changed the prospects for a one-armed baseball player.

major league baseball has a history of one-armed players. there was peter gray of the st. louis browns, and the pitching great jim abbott of the california angels and the summer olympics.

for parker hanson, big league dreams are a possibility. other dreams, ones he may have just started having, are becoming a reality.

parker hanson is a talented one-armed pitcher for augustana university. his pitching statistics are impressive. during the baseball season, his one-of-a-kind prosthetic arm was stolen. the arm was something only he could use. while he has a back-up prosthetic, it does not offer the same comfort and quality as his good one.

news of the theft went nationally. people have reached out to mr. hanson to support him in his time of frustration. individuals are seeking to raise funds for him and want to start up a go fund me page. this effort, however, is limited by an ncaa prohibition of in-season donations.

mr. hanson indicated “we’re in the process of trying to figure something out, whatever funds i don’t need i’m looking to donate back into the community or charities that help people with disabilities,”

“moving forward, hanson said he’s been touched to hear from parents of children with disabilities, who have asked if he’d be interested in meeting their kids as a friend and new role model. in response, the baseball player has even invited some of the families to visit him at upcoming practices. ”

this story is perhaps one of the best examples as to why the hebrew root word for justice, tzedek, צדק, is included in the hebrew word for charity, tzedakah, צדקה. while the theft not yet been solved and the hand returned, members of society, through their charitable acts, have brought mr. hanson both emotional healing and new paths in life as both a philanthropist and role model.

be well!!

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