Machines, Humanity, and a Canadian Tragedy: A Ten Commandments’ Story

“talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road,”

deuteronomy 6:5

operating a motor vehicle is a privilege. improperly operated, they are instruments of death and destruction. this operational impropriety can range from inattentive negligence to sinister intent.

the tianamen square incident, as discussed in a prior blog, represents a moment when a motor vehicle confrontation, for a brief moment, evidenced a brief moment of humanity. this incident occurred when armored tank soldiers paused in front of a defiant unarmed civilian. the soldiers, in that instance, could have simply and instantaneously ran him over.

in canada, a young man allegedly took a motor vehicle and employed it as an instrument of death and hate. this evil act left a pakistani muslim family with four deaths and one member in critical condition. it was reported that “there is evidence that this was a planned, pre-meditated act, motivated by hate,” london detective superintendent paul waight told reporters, providing no further details.” further reporting into this young man’s revealed him as a loner, and that he had constant noise coming from his apartment into the late night [which may have been from playing video games.] neighbors found him problematic. lfpress the reporting, however, did not indicate the basis for his alleged hate. therefore, at this point in time, we must wait to hear from the authorities to learn more.

sometimes, the obvious must be repeated. motor vehicles can be instruments of death. our operation of them must be principled in nature. we must be in the right mindset and with the proper mental acuity to operate them. when we step in a vehicle, we must appreciate that we have the power to end lives, cause severe physical harm, and destroy families.

thus, we must appreciate the fact that, thousands of years ago, god felt that it was important for humanity have awareness of his [torah] principles laid out while being on the road. this sad story, unfortunately, is a testament to the necessity of this assertion.

be well!!

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