Is It Time To Judge Judges? A Ten Commandments’ Story

“but you shall choose out of the entire nation men of substance, god fearers, men of truth, who hate monetary gain, and you shall appoint over them [israel] leaders over thousands, leaders over hundreds, leaders over fifties, and leaders over tens. And they shall judge the people at all times, and it shall be that any major matter they shall bring to you, and they themselves shall judge every minor matter, thereby making it easier for you, and they shall bear [the burden] with you.”

exodus 18:21-22

criminal court judges carry with them a heavy weight and responsibility. accused criminal often come before them on the issue of whether they should remain in custody pending their criminal proceedings. judges are responsible for the release of these accused individuals. this includes the terms of the release which can include bail.

the accused presenting an ongoing danger to the public is an important societal concern. judges must factor this into their decisions.

there are documented cases showing that judges have failed to protect the public. the consequences of these poor decisions have caused horrible violence against and death of innocent people.

these judges must be held accountable for their poor judgment. accountability would be to remove these judges from presiding over criminal matters. thus, these judges should be moved to department other than criminal such as civil and probate. they are too much of a danger to the public.

in new york, there is a judge, from the reporting, who appears to be in need being a justice in another field of law other than criminal.

per the ny post article, this judge provided leniency early on concerning this accused teen. he referred criminal matters to family court in lieu of criminal court because he was a minor. this move was despite the district attorney’s office desire to prosecute the accused as an adult. the judge further mismanagement of the accused’s criminal matters occurred when he lowered the bail amount on further matters allowing him to bail out. the accused had three gun busts in a period of four months. the consequence of this mismanagement was that an innocent father of two children, was killed by a stray bullet allegedly shot blindly into a crowd by the accused. nypost.

the nypost reported that this judge had made prior decisions which which caused serious injury to innocent members to the public when others accused where released in his courtroom.

in sum, not every judge is capable of handling criminal matters. these judges should be moved to other departments to protect the public.

members of the public concerned with these issues should contact the presiding judges of the departments to inquire about filing complaints.

be well!!

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