A Ghost Story That Was True…Until It Wasn’t: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

it is ghost story with all the trappings. a house where the former owner had died. a dark night. and suspense.

at my house, there was an office in the backyard. it was late at night. it was dark. it was the time when the nocturnal animals in the neighborhood came to snack on the various fruit trees.

it stepped out of my office to return to the house. for some reason, there were no raccoons or possums in the trees eating away, in front of me, however, i encountered an apparition. it was see-through and ghost- like in every sense. it stood in the middle of the grass courtyard and was lit up by a spotlight. it was about six foot in height.

if the story ended at this point and i had walked away, what would we have? arguably a credible person telling you a ghost story. and since i was someone credible, there may be people who may have believed that i actually saw a ghost. further, if people who doubted me spoke out and were censored, then the story would be presented as something real.

the ghost story goes further.

i approached the apparition and noticed something unusual. the ground below it was wet. further, the ground below it, which was grassy, was muddy.

i reached down to touch the liquid. it was water. the water was hot.

the mystery of the ghost was solved.

under the backyard, a pipe from the hot water heater ran. there was a small leak at that point which led to hot water coming up from the ground. this water evaporated into the cold air and created this apparition. it was further dramatized by the lighting.

thus, at one point, without further exploration, we have perhaps a believable account of a ghost. after further exploration, we have a better explanation of the phenomena. had there been some dogma attached to my views and beliefs at one juncture, we would not have been able to find the truth.

society will always be better with more information than less. suppressing information or limiting information only impairs individuals and society from finding the truth.

currently, there is active censorship on the internet and social media. what if these censors are barring information that is credible? are they not preventing the society from discovering the truth? is suppression of the truth a form of lying? these are questions that must currently be addressed by those who regulate the internet.

be well!!!

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