It Is Time To Get Our Messaging Straight: Can We Say “We Are a Society Based Upon Ten Commandments’ Principles?”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

say it! say it!

sam kinison, back to school

messaging is important.

currently, we are confronted with politicians and social activists who have no problem with theft, lying and murder. politicians in san francisco enacted a law which essentially allows individuals to steal up to $950.00, from stores. a congress member admittedly lied about a family member for the purposes of making a point. a city, with its poor management, has a murder so high that the numbers are a source of media fodder.

good people try to articulate values and morals by referring them as “judeo-christian. ” this reference may note be effective in reaching many individuals. the term “judeo-christian” may be completely lost on youths. the term requires the listener or reader to connect the dots. many times, when individuals use “judeo-christian” values to make a point, they are actually referring to the ten commandments.

if the “judeo-christian” reference is to the ten commandments, for the purposes of messaging, it is best to get to the point. the term “ten commandments’ principles” should be used. by doing so, the listener or individual will be freed from having to connect the dots. they are led directly to the ten commandments.

thus, “say it!” we are a society based upon “ten commandments’ principles.”

for the young, three commandments are their immediate concern. theft, lying and murder are acts that even the young may believe are morally wrong. we need to emphasize that their beliefs that this conduct as being wrong is supported by the ten commandments. thus, their beliefs will be reaffirmed.

thus, when confronted with individuals who are promoting bad conduct such as theft and murder, it is incumbent to respond to them that “we are a society based upon “ten commandments’ principles.”” thus, our society will not accept bad and immoral conduct in our society.

be well!!

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