Sometimes “The Office” is Not a Comedy: A Ten Commandments’ Story

” that’s the stupidest ***** idea I’ve ever heard’

bill gates

adultery is supposedly a spousal matter. infidelity, however, plays itself into the world. family, friends, associates and co-workers become unwilling participants and conspirators in the adulterous act.

allegations of bill gates’ infidelity illustrate these uncomfortable dynamics. the dailymail reports he allegedly pursued sexual affairs with employees and journalists. if true, it would appear that his attempts at infidelity were on display at the worksite. as result, microsoft offices may have become both humorless and full of horror.

spousal office visits and spousal attendance at office parties may have become emotional landmines for those in the office. associates and employees, knowing of the misconduct, may have been guilt riddled interacting with mrs. gates. office gossip sessions may have included a sense of sadness and sympathy towards mrs. gates.

in sum, adultery extends beyond the mere act of infidelity. it often brings many other individuals into the sin. therefore, the expansive nature of adultery perhaps may have been another reason to include it within the ten commandments.

be well!!

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