She Honored Her Father With a Treatise and Ended Up With A Faceplant: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

parents often cross the “common sense” line. in this story, the unwritten rule of “parent-child” confidentiality was broken. apparently a private communication made public became the source of family embarrassment and controversy. perhaps, a loving daughter gave herself and self-inflicted face plant.

parents have a superpower over their children: the power to embarrass them at any place and at any time. as it is said in the movie “spiderman” , “with great power comes great responsibility.” thus, parents must use restraint.

actor matt damon told a family story to the media and got himself in hot water. he told the media that “i made a joke, months ago, and got a treatise from my daughter. she left the table. i said, ‘come on, that’s a joke! i say it in the movie stuck on you!’  ‘she went to her room and wrote a very long, beautiful treatise on how that word is dangerous. ‘i said, ‘i retire the f-slur!’ i understood.’ ” mr. damon’s daughter’s personal note was mostly likely for private consumption. she wished to honor her father and be respectful. other children when confronting the issue may have run off to make social media posts and videos concerning it. she apparently is one of the mature individuals in the household.

mr. damon’s storytelling created a firestorm against him with the lgbtq+ community.

there are many lessons from this story.

first, parents must allow “family only” matters. this allows children to address difficult issues in a respectful way. parents need to understand not everything is for public consumption. second, parents should express gratitude to their children when they make efforts to honor them. third, parents sometimes need to act like….parents.

to the damon daughter who wrote the treatise, please remove your hand from your face and use it to give yourself a pat on your back.

be well!!

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