Grandma Robbed of “Smart Phone” and “Credibility?” A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Come senators, congressmen Please heed the call…

There’s a battle outside and it is ragin’ … For the times they are a-changin’

bob dylan-with my profound apologies

former california senator boxer had quite a predicament. despite her political party essentially being the monopoly of her state’s government, she fell victim to being robbed in open daylight of her “apple” phone. embarrassing?

perhaps, sans phone, she can’t heed the call.

she downplayed the incident as became a national story. despite her party being in control, she offered policy wisdom and stated that “we’ve got to deal with this with a multipronged approach — really good community policing and really tough consequences for kids and adults who do the wrong thing.” ms. boxer, isn’t your party is in charge? what have they been waiting for?

ms. boxer won’t admit that her party’s lax approach on wrongdoers which has contributed to the crime epidemic. they own it. ms. boxer won’t admit that there had been a “battle outside” that has been “ragin.” law abiding california residents are fed up with criminals and the politicians that have endorsed their criminal efforts. recall efforts are popping up across the state.

ms. boxer, a self-professed proud grandma, perhaps fails to appreciate how organized her phone’s theft was. it is reported that there was both a robber and a getaway driver. the car used, an “audi,” was also implicated in other criminal activities. her theft was not an isolated incident.

ms. boxer must need to understand that organized crime in california has had a great assist from liberal theft laws which have encouraged shoplifting. shoplifted goods are often sold to organizations which then distribute and sell the items. law enforcement has uncovered warehouses full of shoplifted goods.

ms. boxer, in her interviews, fails to credit how her party’s policies and politicians have single handedly destroyed venice beach. murders, gun shots, assaults, prostitution, illegal drug sales, arson, theft, vandalism are all commonplace. while the area was never idyllic, it is now a disaster zone. it has become an international embarrassment.

ms. boxer, while people may have sympathy for you being robbed, there are many people that find your party’s defense with complete and utter contempt.

be well!!

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