Great People Inspire: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

With a strong hand and with an outstretched arm, for His kindness is eternal

psalm 136: 12

as in exodus, great things can be accomplished one a strong hand and arm. hansel emmanuel donato dominguez’ story is accomplishing great things with his strong hand and arm as a one-handed basketball player.

“at age six, hansel emmanuel donato domínguez had his left arm amputated.” he was rescued by his father. the family struggled with the issue and found faith in god for their son’s journey to adulthood.” mr. dominguez’ future looks bright as he has been offered a division one basketball scholarship.

faith in god has been a big factor for mr. dominguez and his family. mr. dominiguez has used his faith to guide him through his journey. “it’s not about what i want to achieve or do in life, it’s what god wants from me,” he said in an interview with el sentinel orlando.

mr. dominguez’ father said” “i was the one with him and when they had to amputate his arm, i felt like it was all over. but god grabbed us and led us down this path. you remember everything [from the accident] because a blow like this is not forgotten, so quickly regardless of all that he is achieving, thanks to god.” supra.  

as reported in el sentinel orlando, “to those who face difficult situations, he advises them to “not to limit yourself. if something happens on the way, it was because god wanted it that way. further forward will be much better,“ he concluded. ”

be well!!

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