Can A Photo Lie Yet Tell The Truth? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

while a picture can tell a thousand words, an altered photograph can tell much more. it can reveal character, values and the truth.

time’s 100 most influential people magazine cover of prince harry and meghan markle has been roasted as satire. numerous media outlets have pointed out the picture’s phony aspects.

the cover reveals the following information about the couple.

first, they believe equality requires physically altering oneself. while harry is significantly taller than meghan, his height is altered in the photo to his wife. does this imply that the couple is not accepting of people for who they actually are?

second, they believe that racial identity is actually skin deep. the cover has meghan markle dressed in all white and prince harry in all black. does this clothing arrangement imply that someone change or show sympathy towards another race by simply donning racially sympathetic clothing? for the two of them, it appears to be the case.

third, the couple believes that they can fool you. the cover appears both fake and unnatural. there is no way to escape the fact that any individual can see it. most people understand that it is as fake as them being considered as top influential individuals.

the publicist, who landed them the cover, however, should be in consideration within the top 100. while jo elvin noted “they genuinely are the most talked-about people on the planet right now,” they really have no influence. to the contrary, they are more the subject of ridicule. the ridicule is in part driving by the fact that they turned their celebrity, grievances and upset into a multi-million dollar industry. further, despite their newly received wealth, they wish to retain the throne of victimhood. this position has not well received by many in the world population who are suffering from the pandemic.

in sum, the time cover is a perfect example of the the value of understanding deception. individual’s deceptions may reveal more than the truth. in law, the truth is a component for winning a case along with the law. practicing lawyers can exploit witnesses’ deceptions. these observations can also be valuable in both your personal and business dealings as well. thus, it is wise to not dismiss them.

be well!!

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