An American and Moral Hero: Lindsey Rodriguez : A Ten Commandments’ Tale

ms. lindsey rodriguez embarrassed many people when she asked the following question: “what is this teaching our children? i don’t want my kids to see that kind of stuff when we are going shopping at 7 o’clock at night.” this question was prompted by witnessing blatant shoplifting which was being ignored by the major department store’s employees.

she commented that “the people that work at marshalls are working and sit there on the clock and watch these people just steal from everybody.” nbc

rodriguez said ms. rodriguez was heart broken, she stated “i worked every single day, 40 hours a week during this whole pandemic, and then i go in and see that, and it’s disheartening. it’s not hemet (california),” she says. nbc

it is reported that she fed up with crimes like these. she and her husband have posted videos on social media of the shoplifting. nbc “citizens have to do something. we need to start standing up for ourselves because nobody else is doing it right now,” she added.

ms. rodriguez raises the questions as to whether stores are suitable for children. movie theaters have a warning system for movies to prevent children from seeing violence, nudity or inappropriate language. should department stores with liberal policies towards theft also post warning for parents. should parents be warned that their children may witness immoral behavior when shopping in the store?

while businesses perceive lax enforcement as a perhaps a means of avoiding liability, they are deceiving themselves. as the shoplifting trend continues, thieves will not be satisfied with the store’s offerings. thieves may be taken by a customer’s designer purse or rolex watch and decide to steal it as well. thus, customers and employees will eventually the targets of the crime. given an appropriate fact pattern of lax security measures, civil liability could fall upon the store owners. likewise, customers may not want to shop in stores that they perceive as dangerous. thus, preventing shoplifting, in the long run, is both morally and financially the wise thing to do.

thus, whenever there is dubious efforts with respect to law and order, we should all take the wise words from ms. rodriguez out and ask our local politicians, social activists and business owners: “what is this teaching our children?”

much gratitude towards both ms. rodriguez and her husband for their efforts to improve our moral climate.

be well!!

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