Oh My! Royal Rocket Envy, The Coveting of Captain Kirk: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

dont’ criticize what you don’t understand

bob dylan

the great george takei, and others have suffered from the dreaded “shatner-envy.” they covet the actor who played the great captain james tiberias kirk of the starship enterprise. takei’s envy so great and predictable that during the preparation of this blog post, mr. takei’s displeasure concerning mr. shatner’s recent rocket ship travel to the heavens was published. pagesix.com

the now true “rocket man” shatner has also drawn envy and coveting from across the pond. prince william of the uk has laid down his criticisms. the follicly challenged prince william was interviewed and criticized the latest chapter of the great captain. he commented “we need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live.” nypost fair criticism of non-governmental rocket programs? did the prince really succumb to envy and coveting? you can bet the palace on it.

unlike prince william, mr. shatner has taken embraced artificial follicles and have taken them where they have never gone before….space…perhaps to the final frontier for hair pieces. it must be said, the shatner 2021 version “rocket man” version looked…fantastic. prince william, a lifelong public figure, like shatner, is perhaps envious of shatner’s courage to cover up and look marvelous. for william, it is too late. it is too late for william to don shatner’s tj hooker hair piece made famous in a night court episode. shatner’s hair pieces are so renown that they have their own blog.

william may also have been envious of shatner’s treatment of a loyal british citizen. shatner took the brilliant work of an english knight, sir elton john, and took it to a place that mr. john and his writing partner, mr. taupin, could never imagine. the song “rocket man” or “rock it man” as mr. shatner punned was given a new voice and became subject to mockery. prince william, with strong family ties to sir john, was surely envious. mr. shatner is no “candle in the wind.” he is the ugly american who is …canadian.

prince william’s criticism of mr. shatner’s venture into space tourism is perhaps the worst of all coveting. mr. shatner, with the guidance of legendary gene roddenberry and all of those affiliated with the original star trek series, changed the world as we know it. “rocket man” shatner’s take off and touchdown represents one of the many star trek milestones that have inspired to world. the original star trek series has made the world a better place.

the original star trek had a diverse crew who did their duties with excellence and professionality. the show featured a mixed race character, mr. spock, and even had the first interacial kiss on national tv. the show inspired many technological advances and concepts, this includes talking computers, warp drive, tractor beams, phasers, tablet computers, hypospray, universal translators, tricorders, telepresence, replicators, and communicator devices. sideshow.com.

world leaders have admittedly been inspired by star trek. this includes barak obama. startrek.com the show inspired children to dream for travel beyond the planet. mr. shatner’s flight was a celebration of what we have achieved, how a fantasy tv show could turn into a reality, that this current generation has places to explore.

while prince william is concerned with global warming, he perhaps has not watched enough star trek or studied earth’s history to offer a valid assessment. one of the greatest causes of global climate change has been asteroids and meteors striking earth. recently reported, there was the paper concerning the area near the historic site of sodom noted “an older cosmic airburst about 12,800 years ago that triggered major widespread burning, climatic changes and animal extinctions.” scitechdaily.com space technology is essential to protect of the earth from climate destruction. the deflection or destruction space objects heading towards earth may be what saves humanity and the planet.

thus, rather than covet or envy the “rocket man,” we should celebrate the moment. shatner’s carrying on the star trek legacy can inspire the next scientist who may actually the planet from certain climate change.

be well!!

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