Heroes…Do They Matter? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

I need a hero

bonnie tyler

heroism is in societal decline.

an alert new york security guard perhaps averted a catastrophe. the individual stopped an arson attack and prevented a school from burning down. their actions may have saved lives, saved structures, and allowed for firefighting resources to be used elsewere.

who cares?

the news reports of the attempted arson do not even mention the guard’s name. there is no picture of the guard, no interview, and no designation that a heroic act occurred.

instead, the media’s focus was the alleged arsonist and her alleged history of numerous arrests. the media was also able to include an attractive photo of the alleged arsonist sporting what appears to be a designer purse.

heroism was one-line worthy in most of the stories about the attempted. one report notes “luckily, a yeshiva security guard was able to extinguish the fire with water, authorities said. no injuries were reported. ” nypost.com

the media’s language is telling towards a hero. “luck”? the guard didn’t win the lottery. they did something important. the term “fortunate” is a more appropriate characterization.

the united states has entered into the era of post-heroism. politicians, prosecutors and law enforcement has sent strong messages to citizenry and small businesses that they are the one’s to be punished for trying to live their lives and doing the right thing. bad actors are the one’s deserving of our resources, sympathies and accolades.

the message is clear, “we don’t care are you, your home, your property, or your right to protect yourself.”

with post-heroism, the morally compromised are media celebrated. fentanyl overdosers are touted as amazing people when many of them are willing takers of street drugs. in contrast, media derision, disgust, and mockery is designated for those who succumb to the indiscriminate virus. they are the new villains.

thus, we must fill the role abandoned by the media. we need to give thanks and appreciation to individuals who protect us via public law enforcement agencies or privately. as this story shows, one quick thinking security guard can save a community from heartache.

in sum, please take the time to show appreciation for our everyday heroes who allow us to enjoy our lives. they are worthy of our gratitude.

be well!!

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