Educational Betrayal Is Now Academic: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

to the rocklin unified school district and the whitney high school principal, the following is your test question:

an insulting quiz question with no educational or academic value:

(a) compromises students’ academic careers

(b) diminishes students’ views as teachers being credible authority figures

(c) diminishes students’ views of the school district as being an educational institution

(d) diminish students’ views of government in general

(e) diminishes students’ views about themselves as they are perceived by a government employee as individuals who can be mocked, humiliated and manipulated

(f) all of the above

the aforementioned school district and high school has made headlines because one of their teachers gave their students the following quiz question. dailyuk

“a complete group of idiots

(a) kkk

(b) all of florida

(c) fox news

(d) texans”

this bogus question has led to parent complaints and concerns. the school district is now investigating the matter.

the school district must value the fact that many children are competing to get into colleges and that every grade counts. thus, a child being forced to answer such a question is patently unfair.

teachers act as judges. judges are expected to act fairly and be impartial. students’ grades can determine matriculation, admissions to college, receipt of scholarships, and admissions to non-college programs. therefore, public school teachers should conduct their classes with due process concerns. students grades must be done fairly and with respect to legitimate educational materials. biased teaching and testing may violate students’ rights. it would be unjust for a student to have their life and livelihood be ruined by a teacher who places their celebration of political or social leanings above their role of an educator. this cannot be tolerated.

with no doubt, there will be a time when lawsuits with respect to this issue will begin.

in sum, if the rocklin unified school district, the whitney high school principal, and the teachers don’t understand the quiz question’s problem and take remedial action, they may become the quiz question’s correct answer.

be well!!

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