A Captain Picard Moment In High School Gender Matter: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the star trek next generation episodes entitled “chain of command” paid homage to george orwell. the highly regarded show depicted a captured captain picard being interrogated by a cardassian. wikipedia describes the interaction between the two as a battle of wills concerning the perception of reality in the face of coercion. picard’s interrogator and torturer shows picard four bright lights, and demands that picard answer that there are five. intense pain is inflicted upon picard if he does not agree. in the end, picard refuses to submit and in his final act of defiance declares “there are four lights.”

a high school student channeled is living out this picard moment. the student, in a conversation with a classmate, on the issue of how many genders, said “no there isn’t [more than two genders]: there’s only two genders.” according to the reports, this exchange was relayed to a non-binary student. the two had a text message exchange in which inappropriate words were exchanged. seacoast from the accounts, the incident did not occur at school and was the confrontation was initiated by the non-binary student.

as a result of the incident, school authorities at exeter high school in new hampshire suspended the student from playing football for one game.

the student has filed a lawsuit and his lawyers indicated he stated a catholic-based belief that there are only male and female genders. the lawsuit notes that “the school district policy, cornerstone claims, penalizes students who, because of their religious beliefs, refuse to address non-binary students with their chosen pronouns to describe their gender identity.” seacoast

do you see five lights?

gender preference is simply that. why bother with pronouns. each person has a name and should be called by it. end of discussion. it is simply too much ask upon anybody to be able to memorize and every individual’s gender preference of their fellow students. the fact that if you get it wrong can lead to accusation and punishment is outrageous. this argument does not even address religious belief issues.

do you see five lights?

this student perhaps needs to spend some quality time with mr. william shatner as the great captain kirk in the original star trek.

captain kirk, if confronted with the question of the amount of genders, perhaps would have given the following answer: there are either “enough and “not enough” genders. it is actually an arbitrary amount necessary to use as a tool for oppression, division, discrimination, thought control, and totalitarianism.

do you see five lights?

live long and prosper!!

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