A Grandmother’s Faithful Moment: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in order to spare her baby’s life, moses’ mother faithfully placed him in a basket and onto the nile river. ms. clara lutz, a grandmother from kentucky, had her own faithful moment of biblical proportion.

while ms. lutz was watching her infant grandchildren, ages 15 and 3 months, a tornado was approached her house. she placed them into a bathtub with blankets, pillows and a bible to protect them.

according to the reports, the tornado came and ripped away the babies with the tub. ms. lutz tried to hold on but she couldn’t. clickorlando.com after the tornado, she looked everywhere for the babies. it is reported that all she could say was, ‘lord, please bring my babies back to me safely. please, i beg thee.’ clickorlando.com thankfully, a sheriff searched the property and found the infants under the tub. it is reported that one hadminor injuries.

ms. lutz credits god for saving the lives of her grandchildren. clickorlando.com

at a moment of crisis, ms. lutz put her faith in god’s book. a testament of god’s compassion for the young. ms. lutz’ experience of faith is one few ever encounter. it is an experience which few understand. she was in a moment that her grandchildren’s health and welfare were at the mercy of nature and the laws of physics. her faith and belief were the only element to their goodwill that she could offer. her prayers were answered.

her young grandchildrens’ lives will be fascinating. their moment of faith shared with their grandmother will not fully understand for many years. over time, they will often be reminded of perhaps with wildest ride ever taken by two kids in a tub. they will be told that they were an answer to their grandmother’s prayers and that she packed them up with a bible on what may have been the greatest adventure of their lives. .

during the holiday season, while there is horrible wreckage and destruction in kentucky, the lutz family will happily be celebrating the greatest thing in life……….life itself.

be well!!

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