A Media Libel of The Catholic Church? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

news media love to have access representatives. governments, religions, and institutions have individuals who speak on behalf of the organization. news media having exclusive interviews with individuals such as the president of the united states or the pope give the outlet prestige. these interviews generate public interest for the publication.

the media, however, when they don’t have access to esteemed representatives, essentially take upon themselves to invent their own representative. even worse, other media are complicit. in essence, they go along with the ruse. they simply report on the commentatry rather then access whether this “so called” representative even offers the official orgination’s position. thus, all media benefit when one employs an individual outside of the mainstream representative to generate unnecessary controversy, undeserving clicks and undeserving revenue.

in this instance, cnn is the sad media organization which has propped up an catholic priest who is arguable outside of the church’s mainstream. foxnews is sadly a media organization who, if they only had internet access and “googled” the individual, their own story would have been quite different. foxnews.com

father edward beck, on cnn, controversially expressed his views on the “unvaccinated” attending services on christmas. “yep. i said it. i don’t think unvaccinated people should be gathering in churches for christmas eve / day masses. “love thy neighbor,” says the savior.” twitter

who is father edward beck?

a simply google would have revealed an article from the national catholic reporter. it reported that with respect to father edward beck that the new york diocese’s removed him from his long island church post. “in an oct. 7 press statement, the north american province of the passionists said the rockville centre diocese informed beck in july that his faculties to serve in the diocese would expire on aug. 31.” ncr

father beck, in the article, intimated that it may have been his opinions expressed on cnn which may have caused the action to be taken against him.

the article noted that he served only a year and it is noted in the article that the year prior he was on sabbatical and living in los angeles. (note: therefore, during a significant portion of the covid-19 epidemic, it would appear that he was not officially in charge of a congregation)

thus, father beck’s standing as being someone as being solid representative of the catholic church stands on questionable grounds.

father edward beck, during the catholic sex abuse scandals, also had interesting things to say.

with respect to sex abuse, he noted “the problem of sexual abuse is rooted not in orientation but rather in pathology caused by the environmental, behavioral, biological and societal conditions of the abuser. trauma from early childhood (ages 2-5), including sexual abuse and arrested sexual development are the most common factors cited by those who diagnose sexual abusers. abc

thus, it would appear from father beck that a risk of being a pedophile is social contact with sexual abusers. thus, those suffering from pedophilia run the risk of passing on their “social” disease.

in defense of gay priests, he admitted “a small minority of gay priests who were sexually arrested and maladjusted abused boys.” abc

in his conclusion on this issue, he noted “god help those who instead cause the little children to suffer. and god help, too, those who try to shift the blame for that suffering to those who bear no responsibility for the crisis.” abc

thus, it would appear that father beck was welcoming of the church to sex abusers and pedophiles. these individuals, as documented above, are an actual source of a “social disease” of pedophilia.

the “social disease” of pedophilia causes other diseases. victim can suffer from a variety of emotional and physical disorders. acog it can place individuals at risk of suicide. worldpsychiatry

now that we have established father beck’s credentials and past commentaries, we lend ourselves to his christmas offering on cnn. it was reported that father beck “believes all churches should require proof of vaccination. “

father beck, not a scientist, is someone who should seek the truth.

first, he should have asked “who are the unvaccinated?”

there are those who, for medical reasons, simply cannot take the vaccines. if they did not, they would suffer serious medical complications.

thus, if they has a negative covid-19 test, why shouldn’t they be allowed to attend church services?

there are those who have already have had covid-19, and have natural immunities. thus, it is unnecessary for them to be vaccinated.

if they are an anti-body test which showed that they had natural immunity on the level of those vaccinated, why shouldn’t they be allowed to attend church services? likewise, they could also present a negative test.

there are those who have religious reasons or used their god given brains and analyzed the risk and rewards of having the vaccines and have chosen not to be vaccinated.

why shouldn’t they be allowed to attend church services by presenting a negative test?

perhaps god only knows why father beck did not truly take a deeper dive into the “unvaccinated” to find a way that they could attend church services.

in sum, father beck’s story essentially exposes the media for creating unnecessary hysteria and perhaps hatred toward a religion for not being compassionate.

thus, if the media chose to do their job, they would not present an individual such as father beck as being someone representative of the catholic church. his past commentary reveals that he is an individual who arguably favors vaccinated pedophiles attending services while dismissing the unvaccinated as evil, yet most likely, healthy, individuals.

while i am not catholic, i stayed at irish college in rome and my interaction with the priests was extremely positive. they were wonderful individuals and they assisted me greatly. further, while attending a jesuit college, i gained further appreciation towards the religion. i enjoyed the opportunity to attend and observe their religious services.

be well!!

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