Justice Triumphs Over Technology: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Justice, justice shall you pursue

deuteronomy 16:20

justice should never be underestimated.

injustice triggers strong emotions. these emotions have roots in the animal kingdom. recently, monkeys committed atrocities of mass killings of dogs in order to seek justice for the loss of one of their own. nypost.com

with humans, this sense of injustice is so powerful that it can even triumph over technology.

our story involves mr. elon musk’s technology. mr. musk’s tesla electronic cars offers customers both high technology and luxury. for a time, his cars were status symbols and many were driven to buy them.

a finnish man, perhaps caught up in the sensation, purchased one. sometime after using the vehicle, he was rudely awakened when the tesla battery failed. the man discovered that he was facing a $22,000 repair bill from the company. he took it to an independent dealer and received a significantly lower quote of $5,000.  dailymail.com

outraged, he sought his justice in quite a human way. he decided to blow his tesla up. dynamite was strapped onto the car and it was detonated. an amazing piece of technology was both destroyed and now littered the environment in bits and pieces.

there is a twist in this story. the finnish man partnered with vloggers.. the explosion was recorded and placed on the web. as a result, the whole world, via internet technology can share in this man’s moment of justice.

in sum, while this story is of folly, it serves as a reminder that the spirit of justice still cannot and should never be replaced by technology. ironically, technology served in part as the means of achieving justice against technology.

be well!!

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