An Example Why The Media Will Fail Against Joe Rogan, A List Will Prove It: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

rollingstone magazine’s headline “‘a menace to public health’: doctors demand spotify puts an end to covid lies on ‘joe rogan experience’ unlike many platforms, spotify doesn’t have a clear policy prohibiting misinformation. 270 physicians and scientists are hoping to change that” rollingstone. proves only one thing. the media is the one spreading lies and propaganda. the rollingstone, and other publications, went with a similar lead. the dailymail‘s headline was “nearly 300 doctors and scientists sign open letter to spotify calling for it to stop joe rogan from spreading ‘anti-vax misinformation’ after he hosted virologist who called vaccination program a ‘mass formation psychosis’” this headline, if you read further, is one that is in fact misinformation.

joe rogan is perhaps the most well-known and popular podcaster in the united states. he is known for his long and in depth interviews. one of these was with one of the controversial inventors of the mrna vaccine technology, dr. robert malone.

there is a problem, however. it simply is not true.

upon actual review, the open letter referred to contains signatory’s titles which fall short of the label “physicians and scientists.” the list includes phd students, nurse practitioners, science correspondents, masters of public health students, phd’s with no specific science reference, phd candidates, directors of communication, a president and ceo of company who possesses a mba, a phd candidate, registered nurses, a licensed clinical worker, a subject matter expert, a senior design engineer, a science teacher, a physician’s assistant, a nursing assistant, a science communicator, a medical resident, a psychologist, a nurse, a md/phd candidate, a masters student, a physicians associate, a marriage and family therapist, a dentist, a director of research at a grasshopper farm, a dentist, a veterinarian, a phd candidate, a psychotherapist phd candidate, a science podcaster, an associate medical writer, a clinical social worker, and a psychologist.

i actually counted the number of people on the list to verify whether there were 270 doctors and scientists as reported on the headline. the number included those with the titles listed above. the letter itself did not specifically identify themselves as all doctors and scientists.

the headlines reporting of the open letter are total lies and misrepresentations. why do journalists believe that lying and misrepresentation on their part can credibly discredit others?

this media mistep only lends more credibility to joe rogan. the rollingstone offers no reason to rely upon them for news and information.

in sum, as a consumer of media, each and every article must be read with a critical mind. publishers like the rollingstone and others are yellow journalists at best. the journalism community and journalism schools be completely embarrassed. in the end, people are flocking to the likes of joe rogans because they feel that they have a better chance at knowing the truth. a truth that will help them navigate the world. the final note of course is that it is the liars and the deceivers who seek censorship.

be well!!

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2 thoughts on “An Example Why The Media Will Fail Against Joe Rogan, A List Will Prove It: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

  1. I have found that the opponents of the official covid narrative are worth listening to as they are attacked and vilified constantly. When open debate is cancelled, when opposition to mainstream ideology is a “crime”, when having an opinion is heresy then you know that some of what the opposers are saying is true.


  2. Thank you for your post. It is sad that most pundits never looked at the signatories of the petition. This should have been a discussion topic. Mainstream media assigned weight to questionable group of individuals. Poor journalism all around.


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