The TCP’s 2021, Golden Postee Awards Are In: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in a blatant self-promotion attempt, the tcp is providing “golden postee” awards for the year 2021. the awards’ ceremony was much like the most recent golden globes award ceremony that was not broadcast.

in this inaugural year, the awards were for three categories: most viral, most popular, and most creative.

and the winners are…

the most viral golden postee goes to the post “What Smells Fishy? Tuna or Journalism? A Not So Kosher Tuna Sandwich Tale? A Ten Commandments’ Tale” this post addressed how a so-called prestigious publication wrote a true “nothing burger” story. the decision to award this post as most viral was easy. it was the only post that actually went viral.

most popular golden postee goes to Movie Recommendation for Teens: How to Live a Life of Excellence and Happiness this post is about celebrating the life of jiro, the world’s greatest sushi chef.

the most creative golden postee goes to Eating For the Perplexed? Reflections on Hot Dog Dominance: A Ten Commandments’ Tale this post places the topics competitive eating, cancel culture, and historically great figures into a blender to produce a stream of consciousness piece.

be well!!

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