Old School Magnetism: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

dalai lama

watching the legendary rebbe menachem mendel schneerson in action is a treat. regardless of whether you are religious or what religion you practice, he was a wonder to watch. the rebbe defined positivity. he was positive and he found it to always be positive.

this positivity was part of his great charisma. for those wish to improve their lives and be more likeable or admirable, the rebbe is one of the ultimate role models.

first, however, a digression. life requires one to be critical. we are outwardly critical and inwardly critical. criticism carries with it negativity. highly critical people are often annoying to be around; every flaw and mistake is pointed out and highlighted. interacting with critical people is painful. the pain if often from the fact that most people are internally critical. we make our own pain, our own frustration. we don’t need others to point it out.

most of us struggle every day in life to be a better and more improved individual; a better spouse, a better parent, a better worker, a better friend, and a better human being. to do so, we address our painful faults.

taking unwanted criticism to others will not be well received. others are struggling with their inner selves as well. they don’t need any extra critiques. they view those offering the criticism with negativity. they are not likeable. this problem can be avoided. acting as a positive force towards others can carry with it admiration and good will. the rebbe was the master with respect to this.

the rebbe famously took time to hand out his famous crisp one dollar bills. this allowed him to meet and interact with a wide spectrum of individuals. he was able to touch each and every individual with a positive message. his brilliant mind was at work finding positive things to say to all he received. he offered blessings from the almighty as well as wishing fortune and good will. he planted ideas of greatness and accomplishment in the minds of others. he was a force of pure positivity inspiring all who came into his presence.

the key, however, to his positivity was his sincerity. matters of positivity were taken by him on a serious level. if positivity lacking conviction can run the risk of being patronizing.

in sum, for those wishing to change their world perception, take a page out of the rebbe’s playbook and find a way to be a positive force with others.

be well!!

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at some point, i broke free from this and tried to make my outer-self with greater positivity.

for a prior blog post, i watched rebbe ……. in action as he met people. there were many reasons why he was such a dynamic and well respected individual. his positivity was a big reason.

in the videos showing the rebbe famously handing out his one dollar bills to the masses that visited him, i paid close attention to his words.

he was a man of posititivty in his interactions. he was upbeat, optimisitic, and offering blessings from the almighty god for good health, a good life, and good fortune.

the rebbe serves as an example to those who suffer from difficulty in public and personal interactions. offering honest compliments and best wishes are a means of improving oneself in their dealing with others.

thus, positivity is

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