A Resigning Moment for a Bad Joke: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

it is reported that los angeles county district attorney george gascon has nearly unanimously received essentially a vote of no confidence by his attorney staff. theblaze.com the attorney staff voted in favor of the public’s effort to recall him from the elected office.

this vote comes at a time when it is reported that one of his high profile criminal defendants, a pedophile, ” boasted to her father in november that she [tubbs] will not have to register as a sex offender, and that ‘nothing’ will be done to punish her for violently assaulting a 10-year-old, according to an audio recording that was obtained by fox news digital.  tubbs also reportedly made crude and disparaging comments about the child she had abused, jokingly talking about her sexual attraction for the 10-year-old.” dailymail.com it is reported “los angeles district attorney george gascon has admitted that tubbs may have been given too lenient of a sentence, after he refused to prosecute her as an adult for the crime that she committed as a male juvenile.” dailymail.com

mr. gascon must understand that his view of justice is not representative of the people of los angeles county. he must appreciate that practically his entire attorney staff believe that he is not worthy of holding office. from the actual accounts, and his admissions, he must accept that his policies have failed to properly mete out justice. he has harmed people and is destroying lives. he has become enemy of the people and not their protector. he is arguably mutated into a criminal which is endangering los angeles county.

if he had any sense of justice, he would resign so that there can be justice once again.

be well!!

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it is reported that mr. gascon, a pedophile-phile (one who loves pedophiles), is viewed as low hanging fruit by his own workers. previously, mr. gascon was rendered persona non grata by the county sheriff’s department as well as the city of beverly hills.

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