Moore Justice, The Movie: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

there is a sickness in hollywood. it is not what you think. film makers often make themselves as heroes by taking other’s struggles and tragedies and making them into a movie. two movies document this point. “being the ricardos,” a biopic about lucille ball, “the offer,” a miniseries about the making of “the godfather” movie.

the public can easily turn on and watch “i love lucy” episodes. ms. ball was a perfectionist. she arguably spent more time perfecting her performance than the time spent by the actress in the movie. while hollywood wants you to watch their movie, the public may be better served watching the original ms. ball. after all, ms. ball is a biblical figure in television and the “i love lucy” show is perhaps the torah of situation comedy. practically every situation comedy episode has an element of “lucy show” within it. she appreciated that her show was intended to be something that was lasting and devoted herself to make it special.

the “offer” is mentioned as to the desperation that hollywood has concerning creativity. they are now making a drama based upon on the making of a drama film. this notion was made mockery of in the movie “tropic thunder.”
“tropic thunder” was a brutal parody of hollywood.

thus, we come to the new “ed buck” documentary. ed buck, a democratic mega donor, was convicted on allegation of preying on gay black men with drug fueled sex parties which resulted in the death of mr. gemmel moore and mr. timothy dean. according to the, “a new documentary airing tonight on ALLBLCK (amc network’s streaming service for black film content) goes ‘beyond ed buck’ to unpack internalized homophobia, the psychological root of predatory behaviors, and a deeper exploration of the challenges faced in the lgbtq community.”  

regardless of sexuality, race, gender, etc., this ed buck story and documentary does not exist if there was not a sense of justice in this world. a justice that condemns murder. if it was not for this sense of justice, and the moore family’s dedication to seeing that gemmel received justice, this movie would not have occurred. it was the federal government that stepped in to prosecute mr. buck when a democratic party establishment in the state system would not. under the new county of los angeles district attorney, george gascon, it is possible that mr. buck could have not been charged or received a slap on the wrist.

for those who find interest in the documentary, please spend the time to discover and appreciate the moore family’s struggle that achieved this great victory for their loved one.

other families, however, are currently struggling with similar issues. drug induced antics apparently are so commonplace in the gay community that they have been dismissed as being criminal. recently, a family is questioning the death of a son in san francisco. mr. jaxon sales’ death “cause …[of] death [was labeled] as acute mixed drug intoxication, including gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, cocaine, and methamphetamine.” this death was labeled an accident. it was reported that “according to the sales family, an official with the medical examiner’s office told them “no investigation is needed as ‘the gay community uses ghb.’” the family believes the statement is discriminatory. arguably, the gay community is given a pass on a “date rape” drug.

in sum, if society does not appreciate justice, it will be incumbent upon families to come forward to make it happen. governments are walking away from their responsibility to investigate preventable deaths. justice cannot and should not be avoided because it makes a community uncomfortable or reveals embarrassing realities. a murder is a murder.

be well!!

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