In the Game of Life, You Have To Learn How To Lose To Learn How To Win, Tragedy of Katie Meyer From A Biblical Perspective: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

‘To know Katie was to love Katie. She was larger than life, an incredibly bright shining light on and off the soccer field and for our community. She was a leader in everything she pursued.’

katie meyer memorial fund

many wonder how ms. katie meyer made the tragic decision to commit suicide. from the accounts, she was a perfectionist. she was a beautiful vibrant person. in her short time on the planet, she accomplished much. she attended one of the world’s top universities, stanford. she was an accomplished athlete a division I soccer player as a goalie as well as being team captain. she matriculating and on course to earn her degree. the future looked bright for this attractive individual who, from the accounts, strove to be perfect. her mother, it is reported, believed that ms. meyer stressed herself in her drive to be number one.

her parents, from the reporting, believe that her decision to take her life came after she received an email from the university threatening her with discipline concerning an event where she had defended a teammate. the threat may have put into question ms. meyer’s ability to graduate; a milestone that was rapidly approaching.

her story raises many questions.

did she feel that she was so perfect that she could not accept a blemish in her life? was an admission that she needed help to deal with the situation too much for her to bare? did she lack faith that she would navigate successfully through troubling waters?

ms, meyer’s soccer uniform is famously emblazed with wore the stanford cardinal red. her biblical character she most resembles also wore something flashy. he wore a multicolored dreamcoat. this character being joseph.

joseph was handsome, bright, and loved. he was his father’s favorite child. he was perfection. he was a dreamer. he was better than others and he knew it.

joseph’s great life trajectory was derailed when his jealous brothers who kidnapped him, faked his death, and threw him into a pit. he was taken out of the pit and sold into slavery. joseph’s fall got even worse when he, as a servant, was falsely accused of making sexual advances towards his master’s wife. for this, he was imprisoned.

joseph’s tough times are remarkable. there is no mention of him crying out to god. there is no mention of god contacting him to tell him that everything was going to work out.

god, however, recognized joseph’s fragility. in genesis 39:21, it accounts that god was with joseph during the time he was in prison and provided him extra-charisma and that extended him favor in the eyes of the prison warden. as amazing as joseph was, the master of the universe recognized his vulnerability. joseph, for a time, was literally bubble wrapped by god to prevent injury.

joseph, like ms. meyer, had a storied life hit a massive roadblock. both of them may have been unprepared to be resilient during dark times. the ability to dig oneself out of a hole is one important for both children and adults.

ms. meyer was to face a hearing which could lead to academic punishment. joseph was imprisoned. joseph, with divine intervention, gained an advantage while in prison to meet an individual who would eventually assist in his freedom. arguably, it was his hitting this low point that allowed his life trajectory to take off for him to become on the pharoah’s top advisers. thus, desperation led to success.

ms. meyer, in her most difficult time, needed to reach out and get help. she needed to appreciate that life will come with blemishes and ugliness. she, however, needed to trust herself that her abilities and skills that the experience could translate into something positive. perhaps, she could have won her disciplinary hearing and decided to pursue a career in law.

every holiday season in the united states, the frank capra movie “it’s a wonderful life” is shown by various television networks. jimmy stewart’s character, after money is misplaced, is the verge of suicide. his guardian angel allows him to see what life would have been had he not been born. in the end, he also discovers how how much people were willing to stand up and support him in his time of need. ms. meyer perhaps could have be inspired by this movie. she had friends and family who would have helped.

in sum, for special people, learning the take a loss can be the most important win of their life. special people’s vulnerability by the creator of humanity thousands of years ago as evidence in the torah.

be well!!

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