Crimes, Lies & Bubbies: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

‘I ask the judge not to send him to prison but if you do, send me along with him’

molly smollett

“‘bubbie” is the yiddish term for grandmother. to add to the jussie smollett drama concerning his fake hate crime trial, out of central casting, ms. molly smollett, jussie mollett’s fraternal grandmother, and yes, bubbie, made a grant performance.

ms. smollett made headlines when the 92 year old stepped up to bat at the sentencing hearing to ask for leniency for her grandson, mr. jussie smotllett.

ms. smollett testified like only a “bubbie” could could do. she testfied that ‘the jussie i know and love does not match up to the media’s betrayal. you have not done a good job of investigative reporting. you’ve got to do better, i challenge you to do more. i went through the mccarthy period,’ she said. she also laid down a line that only a “bubbie” could deliver. she asked the judge ‘not to send him to prison but if you do, send me along with him.’ only a “bubbie” would attempt to make a judge feel guilty.

in the end, mr. smollett was sentenced and found after being found in essence guilty for staging a bogus hate crime. the sad reality for both the criminal investigation and the court trial is that they took away resources that could have been used for solving actual crimes and prosecuting actual criminals. instead, chicago became a three ring circus for one of the most bizarre legal prosecutions in us history.

all that aside, what do we make of mr. smollett’s endearing bubbie? perhaps, mr. smollett and his grandmother truly have had a wonderful relationship. perhaps, the smollett family impressed upon mr. smollett respect his family’s elders. thus, with the bubbie’s appearance, the world saw that something more of mr. smollett than the drama he projects to the world.

in the end, when the jussie smollett story is made into a play, movie or mini-series, there are many actresses drying to play the unsinkable and venerable ms. molly smollett.

be well!!

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